Our expertise ranges from engineering and design of sustainable transport networks to crash analysis and providing transportation safety solutions, from urban planning solutions to air and noise quality analysis, and from roadway design to bridge inspection, hence responding to the most technically challenging and critical infrastructure projects. Some of our key projects and areas of experience are highlighted below:
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Safety, Traffic Engineering, and Planning

Engineering analysis, crash data analyses, intersection safety and operational studies

  • Traffic studies and reports including intersection capacity analyses and signal timing plan optimization
  • Traffic engineering analysis on roadways and recommendation of speed limits
  • Corridor impact studies
  • Interchange feasibility, modification and justification reports.
  • Traffic operational analysis assessing the need for unconventional facilities such as diverging diamond interchanges.
  • Site impact analyses with short term and long term recommendations
  • Highway safety investigation at priority investigation locations
  • Traffic impact analysis, signal warrant analysis & signal design
  • Roadway design and widening projects
  • Preparation of trip generation and distribution analysis using ITE Trip Generation Manual based on the expected traffic of proposed developments
  • Research on access management in the vicinity of intersections and interchanges
  • Signing and pavement markings plans and lighting plans
  • Traffic incident management performance measurement implementation

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Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

  • Traffic engineering support to various DOT operations management staff by maintaining cognizance of state-wide traffic flow (freeways and major arterials) using maps, dynamic message signs, 511 alerts, floodgate, construction, speed data, ramp meters and cameras
  • Statistical performance measures reports
  • State department of transportation Environment Sensing Stations (ESS) enhancement

Railroad – Highway Grade Crossing Program

  • Evaluation of effectiveness of railroad crossing stationary wayside horn
  • Highway railroad engineering assessment reports for surveyed public crossing
  • Crossing recommendations such as culvert extensions, surface widening or other geometry improvements and prioritization of recommendations for crossing safety improvements
  • Field survey of public grade crossing and preparation of existing site condition drawings
  • Pedestrian crossing analysis for public transit rail services
  • Intercity passenger rail services and developments

Road and Bridge Projects – Construction, Structural and Roadway Design and Management

  • Pre-construction services cost estimation
  • Structural and geometric calculations
  • Construction projects lighting design
  • Site planning, earthwork modeling, utility design and subdivision design
  • Geology , soil mechanics and geotechnical study
  • Cross section design and quantity estimation
  • Highway design, horizontal and vertical curve design, intersection and driveway design, and development of plan and profile details, cross-sections and signal timing plans
  • Comprehensive bridge rehabilitation and replacement services for transportation agencies and municipalities
  • Bridge inspection, inventory, and load rating services
  • Inspection and structure type evaluation
  • Shop Drawing Review and Constructability Review of Plans for local municipalities, state and federal agencies.
  • Feasibility studies, construction support services, and highway work zone safety management.
  • Construction Traffic Management Plans Preparation

Our expertise and capabilities offer our clients a wide range of services including site design, surveying, roadway and structure design, bridge design and rehabilitation, construction management, traffic engineering and operations, water resources management, and feasibility studies. RSTS is also involved with hydraulic engineering projects ranging from flood studies, stormwater management and drainage design to stream and wetland restoration to water supply/wastewater along with undertaking data collection activities for topographical surveys to traffic counts. Our proficiency in roadway design covers all types of roads and highways from local roads to major urban and rural highways to work with our clients through each phase of the project, providing cost effective safety improvement solutions to ease congestion, and extend the life of highways.

RSTS strives to prioritize the goals of the clients while focusing on the quality of services, providing leadership and accountability throughout the project for the successful delivery of each project.